Why Smart Women Wear Horizontal Stripes

I do not wear horizontal stripes! They make you look fat! I have heard those words lots of times. Clerky vs Stripe Atlas

This is one of the biggest myths in the world of women’s fashion. Yes, there is some truth in it. Big, wide and obvious stripes can make you look fatter.

Thin horizontal stripes are a fashion style that all women can wear. Many brands make plain, boring striped clothes in basic designs but good designers make them versatile and smart.

It Is All about Contrast

Stripes are usually a mixture of two colours. They can be muted, soft, medium or bright. In a basic design, these contrasting colours generate an indifferent response. When you find a design that uses these stripes in unexpected or slightly different ways, it lifts the power of contrast to a higher level. Wearing these designs makes you look like a smart woman who shines. You stand out from the crowd. You also attract compliments and you look like an influential leader.

Mix Thick & Thin or Horizontal & Vertical

A simple way to do this is to have graduated stripes from thin at shoulder or bust to thicker at hip level or this thick and thin combination in the skirt from waist to hem. Another variation is where three thicker stripes are added, usually at bust level, to a basic, thin stripe top. Both these are classic variations. Some designers make it slightly different by adding a vertical or diagonal collar in the same striped material.

Variety can be added by mixing one panel of a thicker vertical stripe to the basic, narrow horizontal-striped bands. In muted or soft colours and with a two-thirds vertical to one-third horizontal width, it is slimming as this style usually follows the magic princess line. The vertical stripe can be on the side panels or in the centre panel.

Vogue pattern 1292 is an example that shows both a muted and a bold skirt pattern combing both the horizontal and vertical. The skirt pattern has a narrow horizontal panel down the centre front between vertical-striped side panels. The brighter-coloured stripe material is unexpected and creates a striking impression with the addition of diagonal stripes in the hem flounce.