Is It Really Possible To Make Money Online Selling Used Cell Phones?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been searching for information about selling used cell phones online. On Google alone there are more than 25 million web pages on this topic. eBay lists 268,000 auctions and Buy it Now formats for the topic. That includes accessories such as faceplates and chargers, etc.

Consider these other statistics…

  • 250,000 plus phones are listed for sale on eBay every month.
  • Cell phones make up the top 20 most searched for items on the Internet with 4.2 million monthly searches.
  • There are more than 180 million phone owners in the United States.
  • Those users replace phones an average of once a year. drzavni posao

Every single cell phone, no matter what the condition is worth at least a few dollars. And many are worth hundreds. Especially smartphones.

I am a former eBay Powerseller who achieved Powerseller status in just three months selling phones. So yes, it is possible to make money online doing this.

Selling used cell phones online is a good way to begin making money extremely quickly. I began earning serious money in this business within two months.

Selling used cell phones is a very lucrative niche business. If you’re serious and put in effort, you can have fun and earn a nice living in this niche.

People buy phones for different reasons.

  • For parts
  • As a second phone
  • For a child
  • To replace a lost/damaged phone

It doesn’t matter why they buy them. As long as they buy them.

I began selling used cell phones after reading an eBook a few years ago about the top 10 best products to sell on eBay. And I began making money right away.

I also began selling them on Craigslist once I realized that people were really buying these things.

As with any business there is a learning curve. You’ll have to go through trial and error. This isn’t a get rich quick enterprise. This is building a business quickly, but it is still a business.

You will make mistakes but don’t give up. I made the mistake once of not testing a phone and the customer complained that the ringer didn’t work. I had to refund the money of course.